10 Ways to Spend $20,000

Any college student past or present can tell you being in college is not easy. Even if it were, not everyone would do it because this is America and we are lazy, myself included. One of the number one things that holds people back from going to college is not the rigorous course load, but the sheer cost of attending. This baffles my mind that someone in our society could be an utter genius, but because they cannot afford to attend any university, they may never get to use their talents.

I took to my billing statement for the current semester and found my cost of attendance for the Dicke College of Business, and living in an on-campus dorm is $20,060.00. TWENTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS! Thanks to scholarships, grants and loans (yay can't wait to pay those back), I am so fortunate I do not have to pay all twenty-thousand dollars' worth, but I cannot say the same for my peers.

Today, in an effort to show just how bloody expensive college has gotten, I'm making it my personal challenge to find 10 unique ways in which you could spend $20,000 in today's society, to put my three short months of college in perspective.

1. Fly from Los Angeles to Paris 7 times.

2. Purchase 2,366 chicken bowls from Chipotle if you splurge and get guacamole too.

3. Adopt 20 children through a county foster program.

4. Ride the ponies at Meijer 2,000,000 times.

5. Provide clean water to drink for 5,000 people in Africa.

6. Buy 15,503 McChicken's from McDonald's.

7. Buy 2,412 DVD'S of Disney's "High School Musical."

8. Purchase a 2016 Hyundai Tucson.

9. Buy 666 pairs of navy blue adult-sized Crocs. I knew Crocs were somehow evil!

10. Purchase 526 Kylie Lip Kits.

So if you weren't sure before, hopefully I cleared things up for you. College is expensive and I really don't know why. I just know that asking anyone to pay this much per semester for an education is ridiculous. I'm grateful that I have people that support me and my pursuit for an education, but I know some aren't as fortunate. Thank you all so much for constantly showing me support, it means the world to me. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Any blog with math at its core is a happy blog! Like you, I attended college via scholarship and grants. It's difficult to attach a price tag for all that happens during one's time at college. But, as those rides at Meijer show, it's pricey! Keep writing, Sierra! You make me smile.

    1. Haha, yes! I knew all those years of algebra weren't for nothing! And I agree. I believe a college education is much more valuable than just numbers on a screen, but this did put the price in perspective for me. Thanks for the support, Mrs. Holloway, it means more than you know!

  2. Sierra, this might be one of my favorite blogs. Not only is it an ingenious idea but also funny and extremely accurate. It absolutely blows my mind that a college education is so expensive. I'll take the flights from LA to Paris please!


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