A Letter to My Sister


You've always been older than me, wiser than me, smarter than me, not funnier though, sorry I think I have you beat. But only recently have I really understood how amazing you are. I'm getting ahead of myself, though, let's throw it back for a second.

In middle school you were in all of the FACTS classes (that's the really smart kid classes for those who don't know) and I aspired to be in them, just like you.

You were in garden club in the fifth grade, and I joined, just to be like you.

In high school you were in French Club, and so was I.

You were in Student Congress, guess what I joined.

You were the valedictorian, and I'll be honest I didn't even make an attempt at that because I knew that it took a special (insane) kind of person.

You went to college and joined a sorority, and at rounds when they asked me why I joined it was always you.

I never told you, but on the way home from dropping you off freshman year, I bawled silently in the back seat like a baby. I never told you, but I think you knew.

And on the day when they dropped me off, and you couldn't be there, I bawled again silently in my little dorm room because I already missed you.

Now we've made it to your college graduation, and I'm bawling silently again as I type this.

Every time you do something incredible I think "surely she can't out-do herself", but you always do.

You're becoming a freaking doctor, you saved my life so many times and now you're going to save others.

No one makes me cry, or laugh, or make the anger rise in my chest quite like you do.

I don't ever tell you enough how proud of you I am, how much I love you, how much I strive in life to be like you, but I think you know, I hope you do.

Thank you for always supporting me, showing the love of God through you, and believing in me even when I don't believe in myself.

You're my best friend, my confidante, my favorite person to send memes to, my laughter and my joy, my sister. Congratulations on graduating, ruling the world, and being my role model in every sense of the word.

I love you.
Your little baby Chummy.

P.S. This very large shout-out on my blog is your graduation present, hope you like it.


  1. That is amazing Sierra what a wonderful tribute to Jasmine. Congratulations Jaz love you both so much.

  2. Sierra, you are a beautiful young woman. You and Jasmine each have your own gifts, and you are both following your individual dreams - just as it should be. I am so proud of you! (And, yeah, you are funnier!😂)


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