Waking Up at 40

The other day my bosses Ellie and Nicole, and I were talking and Ellie challenged me to write out my perfect day if I suddenly woke up at the age of 40. I know a good blog post topic when I hear one, so obviously I turned it into a post for you, and for my future reference so I can check in at 40 and see how I'm doing. It also just occurred to me that I am exactly halfway to 40 and if a thought like that doesn't scare you I'm not sure what else could. So alas, I present my ideal life at 40.

August 4th, 2037. 7:16 am.

The smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee and a breakfast spread fit for a queen jolt my eyes open and my brain set to the "awake" function. Puzzled, I wonder why he's thought to make an entire breakfast for us on a random Tuesday morning, then I remembered. August 4th, 2037. It's my 40th birthday. A day I've been dreading since I was about....20? I mean yeah I'm excited that I made it this far in life, but gosh, 40? I remember when I was half this age exactly, writing blog posts about my boring life. Now here I am. Married to the love of my life, two dogs at the foot of my bed, and three kids in grade school.

Turning 40 is an incredible opportunity to reflect on your past and look forward to the future. I think about the big move we just made. I took a new Director of Communications position with Coca-Cola, so we picked up and moved to a busy suburb right outside of Atlanta. Georgia is a beautiful state. Peaches have always been my favorite fruit so this move just made sense. The kids turn 6, 8 and 10 this year. If the 40 thing didn't date me then their ages definitely do. Then there's my other babies, my fur babies. Grammy and Oscar. Grammy is a golden doodle, mom's best friend. She makes me happy and never makes me sneeze so we get along quite well. Dad and Oscar on the other hand are inseparable. Oscar is the most playful Portuguese Water Dog you've ever seen. His fur falls in front of his eyes and we have to put it in a ponytail just so he can drink out of his water bowl. A big goof, just like his father.

I miss my family. Mom and Dad haven't left Fairborn, bless their hearts. I'll love that little town forever, but I had to get out of there. Peyton and Jasmine live in separate states and we see each other when we can. We didn't think we'd ever get to this point, but life happens and it's our duty to live it. We get the whole family back together in Ohio for Thanksgiving every year. It feels normal, until I remember Memaw and Poppop aren't there. I miss them more than I can bear sometimes. I tell the kids about them as much as I can, trying to keep their sweet legacy alive. Little Blake McKinzy reminded me of my sweet Memaw as soon as she entered the world, I couldn't help but pass the name along.

My life isn't perfect. We do the family vacation thing when we can. We may not have the biggest house, but we have the fullest home. Turning 40 is scary, but it doesn't seem as scary when I think about how genuinely happy I am. I'm ready for you 40, here's to the next 40.


  1. Awesome, as always, Sierra! I hope that your life at 40 is as lovely as you imagine. It will be here before you know it, and I think you’ll be surprised by how young 40 seems when you’re only halfway to 80!


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