Be Good to Yourself Too

This year took a toll on me. It hindered some of my relationships, my mental health, my grades and my overall well being. I'm fine, do not worry about me. But it made me realize that I need to take some time to worry about myself. I spend so much time worrying about others and everything I'm involved in and that's good, I'm proud of myself for doing that, but sometimes I forget to treat myself. Not by buying myself fancy things or eating a bunch of food (though I have been known to do that.) Instead, I want to relax more, get my skincare under control, eat better and just generally get in a better mindset.

Summer is my favorite time of year and generally I'm just a much happier person, but I still want to develop a simple plan to help me improve my mental and physical health (both are equally important.)

1. Develop a solid skincare routine (could be a potential future blog post omg beauty bloggers I'm coming for your brand)

2. Learn how to play the ukulele (this HAS been on one of my to-do lists before but it's almost two years after I got the ukulele and I still don't know how to play it)

3. Drink more water

4. Travel. I'm traveling to South Africa at the end of this summer and Austin later this year and I'm just so excited to see more of the world!

5. Incorporate more fresh veggies into my lifestyle and less veggies in the form of potato chips

6. Read five books.

7. Delete my dating apps. I can't add another person in the mix when I don't even have myself under control yet. Sorry boys, ya girl is (temporarily) off the market unless you are a licensed therapist or life coach (is that a conflict of interest situation though???)

8. Keep a journal. While it's nice to write down some of my thoughts on this blog, not all of them are internet-friendly.

9. Do more of what makes me happy. That includes blogging (sorry for neglecting you)

10. "Be good to yourself too" I've had this saying as my wallpaper for a couple months now, to remind myself to take time for myself too. It's good to treat others with kindness and love but I have to remember to take care of myself sometimes, too.

This summer is going to be one for the books, I can feel it. It's my last summer ever... this time next year I'll be entering the workforce (hopefully) and if that doesn't scare you then you don't know me that well. I am so excited to just work on me this summer. What's one thing you're going to do to work on yourself this summer?


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