The Calm Before the Storm

This post is a bit of a transition post because I feel like this is a major transition in my life. I'm turning 21 in two days WOOOOOO!! People ask me every year if I feel older and this year I actually do. I don't know if that's because I'm legally allowed to buy alcohol, or because I'm entering the last year of college and I'm starting to get the "so what next?" question what feels like ten million times a day. I'm happy with who I've become in the past year and where this next year will take me. I feel like I've had to grow up quite a bit this year. I'm renting an apartment, I called my bank THREE times yesterday (woah, adult) and my body constantly hurts if I do any sort of physical activity. I've started journaling, I go on walks to clear my head and get some exercise. 

I feel wiser, I feel stronger, I feel more focused. I am more in tune with myself and my emotions and how to handle the inconsistencies and changes in life, or pretend I'm handling them.  

In the next couple weeks, I'll be traveling to Chicago, then back home, then to D.C., then to South Africa on a week-long children's program. Two days later I start my senior year of college. I could not be more excited or anxious for this time in life, but I am so SO grateful for the many opportunities that have come my way and the ones I don't even know about yet.

My writing is going to change, it will still be me, but just a more mature and purpose-driven version of me. Lots more travel blogs to come, food-tastings, mental health, messages from minorities, and everything in between, so get excited. 

Hopefully this doesn't jinx it, but I think 21 is going to be my best year yet. 


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