South Africa: The Food

As you may know from my last post, I took a week long trip to South Africa for a children's education program. It was truly the best week of my life and I'm still in shock that I was actually there. Because I had so much fun and experienced so many new things, I'm going to split this adventure into three posts, the first of which being all of the delectable food I tried, and I had so many delicious dishes it truly needs it's own post. The next one will be about the program I traveled with, One Heart Source, and the last will be an overall review of the country of South Africa (spoiler, it's incredible.) Without further ado, let's talk food.

I arrived in Cape Town a day before my program started, so I was able to do a little walking tour and dinner in downtown Cape Town with another girl from my program. We ate at this restaurant I BELIEVE is called Asako. I had a round of grilled calamari, the most beautifully tasting onion rings I've ever had (and my palette has been exposed to quite a few onion rings in my day) and a delicious piece of sirloin. These were so beautiful I had to take pictures of all of them, so please enjoy.

All week we were graciously hosted for dinner by a local restaurant and they made us different traditional South African dishes each night. Unfortunately I was too excited before I could take pictures, but I'll do my best to describe them.

The first night we had Braai, which is basically South African barbecue. It was like American barbecue but better. The second night was Malay butter chicken. This is a dish traditionally made by the Malay community. It's chicken covered in a mildly spiced creamy curry sauce. Between the airplane chicken curry (which was actually kind of delicious) and this dish I'm slowly becoming obsessed with curry chicken and rice. Next up was the most delicious alfredo and vegetable pasta that I've ever had. I will pick alfredo sauce over red sauce any day of the week so this dish was perfect for me. Also, I appreciate a dish that incorporates vegetables in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm eating vegetables, so definitely a 10/10 for me. I think the restaurant chef was saving the best for last because this last dish was incredible. It was a traditional South African dish called Bobotie. Basically it's a casserole with minced meat and egg-based topping, served with rice and chutney. She only made two pans of it which unfortunately met no seconds, but I guess that was for the best because I could've eaten a whole pan by myself.

One of my favorite parts about South African cuisine was the PRICE. Everything in South Africa was so much cheaper than in the states but was such good quality. We had so many delicious cocktails and dishes that would've cost an arm and a leg in the states.

Lastly, the best thing I ate all week. A bold claim, but I've decided it's true. One of our team leaders told us about this Italian restaurant down the street that was famous for their chocolate cake. She claimed it was the best chocolate cake in the world, but as someone who already had a candidate for the best chocolate cake in the world (I'm talking Matilda-type chocolate cake that makes your mouth water) I was skeptical.


This cake was so good. It was rich and creamy and soft and warm and sat in a puddle of homemade chocolate sauce and it was everything I ever needed. My friend Nicole described it as "the safest sex you can have" and after I got done laughing I wrote that down in my phone because it is truly the best way to describe it. It was so good I went back two days later and got another piece.

I loved that I got to go to a new place and try new foods, because they were all truly delicious. Stay tuned for the next two posts about my experiences in South Africa, because we're just getting started.


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