The Things They Don't Tell You

As a senior in college with the whole world in front of her but 21 years behind her, I feel incredibly qualified to fill you in on the things they don't tell you. The things I've learned in my adult years that I wish someone would've told me. Every one is different, but these are things that might help you out in the future or help you make sense of the present.

First friends won't always be your last. 

In my last post, I mentioned that I don't do well with saying goodbye. This is especially true with friendships, and most of the time there's such a natural distance that comes between you that you don't ever actually say goodbye. Sometimes you don't realize the last time you talk to someone, go to their house, or hang out at the mall is the last time, but that's life. Life goes on. People come and they go, but watch out for the ones who don't, they're super rare for a reason.

Don't wish away your dependability days. 

I remember getting in arguments with my parents and longing for the days where it was my house, my rules. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening. I love the freedom of my house, my rules, but being an adult and having to fend for yourself in most situations is scary. Mom, if you're reading this I miss you and I'm sorry.

Home is not a place, but a feeling. 

I used to only say I'm going "home" when referring to the house I grew up in. But now, when I go back to Fairborn, I'm going home. When I return back to Ada, I'm on my way home. Next year, I'll have a new home that isn't either of these places, can they all possibly be a home? Kid Sierra would say no, but Sierra today says, absolutely. As cheesy as it may be, home isn't one location, or three, it's the feeling you get. I feel at home with my family. I feel at home when I'm working with my bosses in Ada, or in the middle of Austin, Texas with my classmates. It's the peace that washes over you when you're around people making memories that will take you back to that place, that feeling of absolute contentment. For the record, I consider my bed and El Campo Mexican Restaurant two of my homes as well.

Sometimes the world sucks.

I said what I said. HOWEVER. Not everyone sucks, not everything sucks. You gotta befriend the people who suck a little less and love the others a little harder. My ignorant mind once told me I couldn't change the world. I can and I will, and so will you.


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