You hear people all the time say that “change is a good thing.” Sometimes that phrase is easier said than done, but in this past year of life I’ve learned to embrace change. Senior year has come with its challenges but it has helped me prepare for all of the changes coming up in my life. As I head into this next year, I want to acknowledge the changes I've made this past year and the changes I'm looking forward to make in 2019.

This past year I:

  • Learned to cut out toxic people in my life, it sucks but that's life!
  • Learned to recognize the beautiful, wonderful, healthy friendships I have in life. Sometimes they're right in front of your face but you don't realize just how valuable they are. These friendships are something I've been clinging to desperately this semester, y'all know who you are. 
  • Became a crier, like all the time??? I can't stop crying at the simplest of things. I think my emotions are fully developed, took them a while, but...welcome, we've been expecting you.
  • Chose to put myself first. Up until this year I didn't know how to do that, or even what it meant. But now, I know how to put my mental health and happiness first and for that I think I'm a stronger, better, kinder person. I don't know, maybe you disagree, but I'm proud of myself for making this change.  

This next year I'll:

  • GRADUATE COLLEGE! I am mostly excited but slightly nervous to move into big kid school (aka adulthood.)
  • Move to a brand new city! I have such big plans to move to a new state, a new city, knowing absolutely no one and having to navigate life in the big world. I'm actually petrified, but I know this will be SO good for me, and I'm so excited to hopefully live where the weather is always warm. 
  • Experience long distance friendships. This isn't such a new change, since there are many friends from home I still do long distance with. Nevertheless, long distance friendships are so difficult, and I know I've got some lifetime friends with me, so I'm trying to prepare myself now for those challenges. 

  • Hair cut. This may sound weird, but I think once I graduate I'm going to make a big hair change. New city. New year. New hair. New girl, you know? Maybe I'll reinvent myself once I'm there. Go by "Si-Si" exclusively, change my entire wardrobe, pick up a new hobby, and of course, make a hair transformation. Maybe I'll even get a tattoo? Point is, the options are endless.
  • Make new friends! I'm extremely excited to have new friends and coworkers, meeting new people is always so fun and thinking about it actually makes me really ready to live somewhere new. 
Change is so difficult, it's an every day struggle for me. But for as many times as I've made a drastic or even a small change, life goes on. I'm still kickin' it. I like where I'm at and where I'm going. This year I'm not making any resolutions in 2019, I'm just going to focus on embracing change. 


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