It's Called Self Care, Look It Up

It's finals week, homies, you know what that means. It means I've taken not one but two baths in the past week to procrastinate anything and everything and have a little "me time". It's called self care, look it up! In between those were showers, obviously, don't be gross.

The thing about finals week, though, that has taken me four years to realize is, you forget how to take care of yourself as a human. Things get in the way, your normal schedule gets mixed up, you forget how to be a decent human being, and it's like you have to make an extra effort to do the simple things in life like wash your face and cook breakfast.

After seven finals weeks, with only one left to go (SCARY!) I have finally mastered how to take care of myself in general, but specifically during finals week. I figured I'd share some of my tips with you in case you're mid-finals on the struggle bus like I was the three years prior.

DISCLAIMER: Do not let this post fool you, I did have a mental breakdown yesterday but that was yesterday and this is now, I'm a new girl.

First step, face masks. 

You think a face mask can't solve all your problems? Dry skin? Face mask. Acne? Face mask. Your man is tripping? Face mask. You're in major debt and you will inevitably lose all of your belongings? At least your face will be clear and hydrated while you're living on the streets. Face mask!!!!!!!!

Second step, snacks. 

It is perfectly normal to not want to cook anything, not want to visit the dining hall and have the same dry chicken sandwich you've been eating for 94 days straight, or simply having to ration the food you have left to survive you through the week because you don't want to go grocery shopping again. For this very reason, you need some snacks on hand. Whether you can find a few spare dollars or a few leftover dining points, head out and get some of your favorite guilty pleasure snacks because when it feels like the whole world is against you this week, at least you have your sister snacks to fall back on. 

Third step, take a break for yourself. 

Sometimes it feels like we are limited with the number of hours in our day and the number of tests, projects and presentations we have to complete in a week, that it feels like taking an hour for ourselves is a waste of productivity. WRONG. Taking time to treat yourself to a bath, 30 minutes of Netflix, a quick nap to revive yourself (or all three if you're me) is CRITICAL. Treat yoself, baby.

At the end of the day just remind yourself this is one week out of the thousands of weeks you will live in your lifetime. Grades don't define your intelligence, your potential, your abilities or your worth. You are so much more than the sum of a few papers and tests. Plus, my momma always taught me it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.


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