New Year | New Blog

Things are changing. Thank God, I am too. I have gone through more change in the past six months than it feels like I have ever gone through.

A new job. A new city. New roommate. New apartment. New responsibilities. New.

I feel new. During a time when everything seems new and refreshed, I thought it was time for this blog to become new, too.

In the past I have posted about Tinder, Snapchat, professors, greek life and everything in between but I really want to make the new theme strictly about me. The things I am feeling and experiencing. Selfish, I know, but these posts are really more for me than they are for you. I love when ANYONE reads them, but I really love having a place to my thoughts into words. It seems now more than ever before I have thoughts I want to remember. Change in my life I want documented, and this seems like the perfect place to do it. I want it to feel very raw and authentic and more mature. I've grown up and my writing will too.

So whether it's through the process of decorating my apartment (yes, a post I plan to write) or a new discovery in the planet that is adulthood, come along for the ride. I also plan to write some poetry, or try, at least. I don't know.

Don't worry, I still make jokes whenever I can, and that won't change in my writing either.

This is me, living out my twenties in the '20s.


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