One Word for 2020

Inspired by my friend Kelsey from Blomst, (I linked her website so you can check out her stuff) I have chosen my word of inspiration for 2020.

The word I chose last year was embrace. I believe that word helped me to get through a lot of big changes in my life. I made new best friends, I left those friends and everything I knew when I graduated college. I was unemployed and desperate for work for four months. I moved to Columbus to start a new chapter of my life. I'm now three months in to the best job I've ever had. All of this beautiful and scary change inspired my word for 2020. So drumroll please for 2020's word.....


I've never quite grasped the depths of this word until this chapter in my life began. I can feel myself really shaping and growing. I care about different things, I am beginning to understand what is really important to me in my life and I am striving more and more to be...fulfilled. Starting these posts back up again was the first step in this new life of fulfillment.

The actual definition is, "satisfied or happy because of fully developing one's character." Now more than ever I think I am striving for fulfillment. I am happy with the growth I have seen in myself and the growing I still have left to do.

I like this word because in past years I have been quite selfish. I've chosen to work on myself instead of constantly caring about others (though I will never, ever, stop caring about others.) It just means, I put myself first when I needed to, and I needed to find a way to make myself happy. Now I find myself sourcing my happiness through outward things. Spirituality, friends, family, work, books, photography, and finding a community to engage in. I participate in things that fulfill me inside, that bring joy to others, or that help me learn and grow.

This next year I'll ask myself, "Will it fulfill me? Will being friends with this person long-term fulfill me? Will staying in tonight fulfill me? Will choosing to take more photos and develop my hobby fulfill me?"

It's no "does this spark joy?" but it might help me make decisions and feel good about them.

A new year can be very intimidating. There is an immense amount of pressure put on us to completely change from our past self into the self we really want to be, but there is no real reason for that pressure to exist. 

I encourage you to simplify your New Year's resolution to just one word, that's what Kelsey did last year and something about it stuck with me. It doesn't hold you accountable, or make it difficult to stick to a huge lifestyle change. Instead, it serves as a reminder to stop and think about how you can apply your word to that choice or situation. Then you can look back and analyze the appearance or influence of that word on your year.

No matter what you choose to focus on or develop this year, above all, Happy New Year. Welcome to the '20s. I for one am just excited that we're back to an even-numbered year because I have a weird complex with odd numbers.

Also.....this might be a good time to mention that time is an allusion and there is no timetable to change or growth and everyone operates on their own personal calendar and someone else's timing is not your timing and there is no pressure to be in the same place or position as someone else because time is an allusion, GOODBYE!


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